Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ten, Twenty, Thirty Meme

Oooh! It's my first time to be tagged for a meme. Thanks Sally! I hope I do it right. I was going to add pictures, but alas I don't have any pictures on this computer before 2001, and don't have time to find old ones and scan them. So, sans pics, here goes:

1997: I was living in Urban, Illinois. My sister and I moved there in 1996 after I finished by BM from TCU. Sallie was working on her MM from UofI in Piano, and I was going to begin working on my MM in Vocal Performance. But as it turned out, I needed some time off. So... I ballroom danced for 2 years! It was quite awesome. I really got into it, competing and even beginning to teach. The summer of 97 I traveled with a group of singers from UofI to sing in a tiny opera house in Humbach, Germany (about an hour train ride south of Munich). Try to find that town on the map. I dare you :). But, there was, believe it or not, an opera house in a barn there, and it was filled every night. And all the men were wearing their Lederhosen. It certainly was an interesting summer. That time in Illinois with my sis was rather cozy. I was also working as a nanny for a great family - 3 kids. The two younger ones (twins) I think are close to college now, and that really freaks me out.

1987: My family lived in Ft. Worth in the Berkley neighborhood. I was a freshman at Paschal High School and little did I know that one of my classmates, Jack, would be my husband one day. I would have laughed really hard if you had told me that little fact back then. He was a band geek, and I was, well just a geek. That fall I was in the school play, Voices From the High School, and had to kiss a boy on stage. It was my first stage kiss AND my first kiss period. I was so freaked out! And, again, who knew that the boy I had to kiss would one day design my wedding invitation!

1977: My parents were in school at the University of Illinois in Urbana for the 3rd time. My mom, I think was teaching at this point and my dad was working on his DMA in choral conducting. I was 4 years old, had an older brother and sister. My little sis wasn't even a twinkle in my parents eyes. That was a charmed time for our family. Really, the only good word to describe Urbana is cozy :).

Ok, now I tag: Lisa, Jayare, and Leah Sophia.


Blogger Sally said...

excellent meme- it is strange to look back sometimes isn't it!

9:19 AM  

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