Friday, October 19, 2007


November is National Blog Posting Month and I have decided to take on the challenge of posting every day for a month. When you are finally able to stop laughing... I'll go on... :)

No, seriously, I'm really going to try this. Here's my reasoning. Beginning now, I've got to start putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, really) and writing this thesis. I'm almost through with the project portion, and now the fun begins of actually writing the paper. I say "fun" with a hefty dose of sarcasm. Writing is really not that easy for me, as you've probably already noticed. However, it just has to be done. So, I figure if I take this challenge, then I'll have to write something every day and I can just post here what I write. Honestly, it will probably be VERY boring for you to read. And some days it may be just one sentence. But, I am determined to get this done!

The project has been immensely satisfying, surprising, bless-ful, and better than I ever imagined. Sunday morning is the first of the 5 planned Sundays. I'm more than a little nervous about it, but everyone keeps reassuring me that it will be just fine.

So, now the writing begins. I'm gonna post every day of November. it's not quite November just yet, so I have a little more time to try and talk myself out of it. Wish me luck :)


Blogger Monika said...

you can do it! i'm looking forward to reading your progress =)

9:44 AM  
Blogger revhipchick said...

it will be a great experience! i look forward to checking in.

have you checked out The Artist's Way? one of the most helpful things i've found (even though i don't do it too often) is her thoughts about morning writing pages.

everyday filling up 3 pages of stuff--total jibberesh if nothing else, in the mornings of course. she asserts that often there is so much "crap" (my words, not hers) in our brains that if we allow ourselves a space to get it all out, then later the writing will come more easily and you're later writing will even be better!

i definately think she's onto something!

10:52 AM  
Blogger Amy Stewart said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Monika, I certainly need it!

Revhipchick, I love that idea. Writing has always been difficult for me, I'm much more of a speaker - love oral exams. I will check The Artist's Way out and give it a try. Thanks!

11:51 AM  

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