Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oh yeah, $100 bills

Yesterday I included in my post subject line "$100 bills," and then forgot to mention them. Sorry 'bout that. The scripture on Sunday was Matthew 25:14-29, the parable about the master who gives talents to his 3 servants and then goes away. When he comes back, two of them have doubled what the master left and one has just buried it in the ground. To illustrate that passage, Bryan invited volunteers to come up to the front to go on an 'adventure' with God. 3 for the 8:15 service, 5 for the 9:30 and 11:00 services, and I'm going to guess 3 at the 10:45 service and at 11:00 4 of them were under the age of 12. Anyway, these people had no idea what they were volunteering for. Bryan handed each of them a $100 bill and told them that this money was not theirs to spend any old which way. But, it was God's money with which they should go out and do God's work. They each have 3 months to turn those $100s into something good, something that God is calling each of them to do. One of the volunteers told me that after the 9:30 service, someone walked up to her and handed her a check for $100 to add to her money! Wow! So, in 3 months we'll hear back from these 16 people to see what they did with the $1600. I can't wait.

What a cool idea!

Oh, and the money was given by one person in the congregation. Bryan had shared the idea with the man and he pulled out his checkbook right then an there. I'd love to be that wealthy to do that sort of thing. Then, again, I've seen what else wealth can do to people and I'm not sure I want that much temptation...


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