Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Class #2 down 4 more to go

Once again, this morning went a lot better than my nightmares let on. It was a bit more difficult than last week for everyone. Today's class and next week are both difficult to make interactive. Today was Biblical foundations and next week is Historical foundations. So, the majority of the class time entailed listening to me yap my jaw and look at power point slides.

However, since for part of the lesson we were looking at the various Hebrew words associated with worship, I figured I'd make them do at least one of them. So, as part of our worship time, I taught them a very simple call and answer song, and then explained that the Hebrew word "gil", which is usually translated "rejoice" actually means dance. So, we danced :). I told them that the advantage of meeting at 6:30 in the morning was that it was highly unlikely that anyone would walk in on them dancing, so they could really get into it and REJOICE!! So, they really did get into it. I was, once again, quite surprised. And then, once we finished dancing and singing, someone pointed out that the video camera had be rolling the whole time :) Hahahahaha! I have evidence that Presbyterians can dance and raise their hands in worship!

Anyway, it went really well. Yippiee!


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