Friday, August 01, 2008

The most negletful blogger ever

wow, I've not posted since March 14th. That's pretty sorry, huh? anyway, just wanted to update the very few readers left (if there are any) that I'm making progress, finally, on the thesis. I took a week last month off from work and went out to a ranch house outside of town (one of our church members' ranch). My husband was with me and we set a plan for the week, and each day, and I was able to write about 40 pages. Not all of that will be usable, for sure, but it sure felt good. I've turned Chapter 3 in to my adviser, and hope to have more to turn into him after this next week. Sunday afternoon, I'll be heading out to an Abbey about 45 min. away and will live with a bunch of monks for a week. Hoping for the same kind of success out there. No internet, no phone calls, no distractions.

I'll try to follow the schedule of the monks:
5:30 rising bell
6:00 Vigils
6:35-7:15 breakfast, silence and Lectio
7:15 Lauds
8:00 - 12:00 work period
12:05 midday prayer
12:15-12:45 lunch
1:00 - 4:30 work period
5:00 Eucharist (though, not being Catholic, I'm sure I'll not be able to partake)
5:45 Dinner followed by Recreation
6:45 Vespers in Church

We'll see how closely I'm able to follow that schedule. But, I think it will be a very focused, calm, and spiritually renewing time for me.

I probably won't post until after next week, but at least you know that I haven't given up yet.


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