Thursday, March 22, 2007

structure or matrix or something like that

Hello out there - sorry I've been absent. I'll maybe explain later. But to the point - I think I have an over-arching matrix for my project. This is very basic, but I think how I want to structure this whole thing, which means that even though I just turned in my proposal to my adviser, I'm going to change it a bit. So, the following statements are a flow chart, if you will, going from big picture down to focused point:

Reformed theology that the defining purpose for humankind is to love and enjoy God.

How do we love and enjoy God? Primarily, we do that through worship - worship that is enacted with clarity, intentionality, and intensity.

How do we worship with clarity, intentionality, and intensity? By thoroughly and with our whole heart, mind and strength participating in the worshiping community.

How do we participate? One way to help our congregations to participate is through prayerful, thoughtful and creative worship planning.

How do I think WPC can plan this kind of worship? Through a committed, bonded, group of gifted individuals who have come together to study and pray and plan this kind of worship.

This matrix I've laid out does not mean that this is the only way - it's just the way that I've chosen to address worship at WPC through my thesis. My problem statement and stuff will stay the same - I will still be addressing passive worship through a worship planning team, but passive vs. participatory worship is only one piece in the puzzle of how we as Christians can and should love and enjoy God forever.


Blogger mama rose said...

Hi Amy! I like the passive vs. participatory question/conversation. Wish we could sit on the porch and discuss it for as long as we'd like. You know I really enjoy those types of conversations. Guess we've both been taking a blog break. I will try to call you in the next few days to see chat! I'm extremely disappointed that you won't be at Camp Meeting, but sounds like you have thought through it fully and it's your only option. :-(

Take care.

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