Saturday, February 10, 2007

Look out Nike...

This evening, I'm going through my house, turning off lights in preparation for bed when I come across this pamphlet sitting on the LBP*. This is one of those fliers you get from local churches telling about their latest and greatest worship services, or the 7 steps to salvation, etc. etc. Anyway, it was advertising their new service where you can 'experience worship as it once was.' I'm assuming they mean they're offering a service that is supposed to resemble worship in the first century or so. This flier is not the first one I've seen. Many churches are adding these types of services and frankly, this last bit of advertising kind of irritated me. My first thought when I read it was, 'Oh, there's another church jumping on that bandwagon.' Geeze, when I actually read that written down, it seems a little harsh and bitter. Really, I'm not bitter, I promise. Just sometimes I get a little sick of all the hype. Why do we need to try to worship like this church or that church, the first Christians or the Christians of the 8th century, or last century, or 50 years ago, or tomorrow's Christians? I know this sounds kinda like "can't we all just get along?" but, can't we just worship?

Just worship!

*this is what we call the piece of furniture next to the front door where we put things for Lack of a Better Place


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