Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My list...

Thesis class completed: check
Thesis proposal worksheet completed: check
Thesis adviser secured: check (Hi Bob)
Thesis fear and dread knocking at the door: check

Actually, I'm doing ok right now. I'm still riding high on the wonderful-ness that is the Tuesday night Healing/Communion service. The Nu class did a fantastic job putting their service together and we were all very blessed by their hard work.

It's a strange place to be standing at this bend in the road. The course work is all done and I'm officially ABT (all but thesis). I've always thought that saying someone was ABD or ABT sounded like they had some kind of disease that wasn't talked about in polite company. Now, I stand at the beginning of the long road ahead - writing and executing the thesis. My adviser said that he found the thesis process to be exactly half of the degree - the course work being the other half. That's just a little bit daunting. I've already put in so much work thus far. Am I really only half way? However, for the first half, I felt like I was climbing a mountain with blindfolds on. Now, I actually feel like I can see most of the trail from here. This just might be doable. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but doable.

So, here is my proposed timeline:

Thesis proposal turned into my supervisor: April 1st
Thesis proposal approved by Dr. Borchert: May 1st
Worship Planning Team chosen and committed to the task: May 15th
Chapter 2 approved, course curriculum and pre-course questionnaires written: August 1st
Worship planning team training sessions begin: Around August 15th
Worship planning team planning sessions begin: Around Octber 1st
Worship services conducted: November 4, 11, 18 and 25
First Rough Draft of Thesis turned into to adviser: Feb. 1st
Final Rough Draft of Thesis turned into Dr. Ray for final approval: March 1st
Graduation: June 15th, 2008

If I can get a whole lot of writing done by August 1st, the rest of the paper should pretty much write itself after the project happens.

But now, on to more important matters... I get to see my husband finally in about 20 hours!


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